These “V” shaped boot toppers are super easy and fun to make! These were made for a client to complete her Sera Myu Sailor Moon costume. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Bootcovers (or boots)
  • Thick white vinyl (upholstery)
  • Hot pink stretch pvc
  • Gold metallic spandex
  • Hot pink thread
  • Gold thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Baby powder
  • Heat-N-Bond (Ultrahold)
  • Drinking glass
  • Pencil
  • Scissors or a rotary cutter
  • Iron
  • Ruler
  • Fabric glue (FabriTac or E6000)

Step One

Start with a pair of boot covers (or boots) that have been cut at an angle. The boot covers should be short in the front, and taper to a point at the back. I highly suggest using a rotary cutter and ruler for all the straight cuts detailed in this tutorial. You will get much cleaner lines than if you use a pair of scissors.

Step Two

Get some Heat-N-Bond and cut two “V” shapes. I made these about 1.25″ wide. Make sure the angle you cut matches the same angle you cut into your bootcovers!

Step Three
I used stretch PVC in hot pink. This was my primary choice because it has a bright vibrant color and it won’t fray when you cut it. Since we will be applying this with Heat-N-Bond (in step seven) I cut some extras because it is very, very easy to apply too much heat, which can cause the PVC to melt =(

Step Four

Cut out some moons! For these shapes, I chose a metallic spandex. First, I applied Heat-B-Bond to the wrong side of the fabric. Then, I drew two moon shapes and cut through both the fabric and Heat-N-Bond. Having trouble finding a good circular shape? I raided my kitchen and traced around drinking glass =) To make the crescent shape, I just found a smaller circle (try raiding your spice rack).

Step Five

Lay out your pink “V” and crescent moon on a piece of thick, white vinyl. I used white upholstery vinyl. The reference pictures I found seem to show a narrow white line above the pink stripe on Moon’s boots. So, I put my cut line about 1/4″ above the pink “V” shape. Place your crescent moon on top of the “V” and make sure it is centered. Draw around the crescent shape and mark the bottom of the pink “V” shape.

Step Six

Cut the white vinyl so that you end up with a shape that roughly resembles…

Step Seven

Time to Heat-N-Bond! Match up your Heat-N-Bond “V” with your pink “V” shape. Make sure the vinyl is facing DOWN.


Step Eight

Iron it! Don’t leave your iron in one spot for too long. Move it around to distribute heat evenly. I find that when I’m applying Heat-N-Bond to this type of fabric, it wrinkles less if I put the iron on a no-steam setting. Make sure to read the directions about ironing time that come with your Heat-N-Bond!

Step Nine

Peel off your Heat-N-Bond. If you ironed it right, you’ll see a very distinctive shiny coating on your fabric. If the coating didn’t adhere to the fabric, iron it again.

Step Ten

Place your pink “V” on the white vinyl strip.

Step Eleven

Place your crescent moon on the white vinyl. Make sure your edges line up with your cut lines.

Step Twelve

Using a thick press cloth, iron all your Heat-N-Bonded items together. I would suggest top-stitching everything into place. This is a decorative and practical detail that will ensure a permanent bond for everything. Since I used vinyl, I did a light dusting of baby powder before stitching everything down.

Step Thirteen

Almost finished! Determine how long your V’s need to be by doing a test fit on the boots. Sew the V edges together.

Step Fourteen

I opted to glue these toppers onto the bootcovers. Of course, let your glue fully dry before trying them on! I don’t have pictures of the final bootcovers (yet) but I will soon =)

Thanks for reading my tutorial! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at