When placing multiple snaps on a garment – for closures or just to keep things in place – sometimes getting things to line up just right can be a bit of a challenge.  Here is a little trick I like to use to make sure my snaps always line up perfectly!

Step One: Sew One Part of Your Snap

We are working on a garment with an overlapping front that will have a zipper closure, plus snaps to keep the overlap nice and flat.  As you can see below, I have already sewn the “male” part of the snap sets and folded the overlap open.

Step Two: Get Some Chalk

Tailor’s chalk will work just fine.  Make sure whatever you use, it can easily be rubbed off later.

Step Three: Rub On the Chalk

Rub the chalk generously over each of your snaps.  Make sure you get a nice coating!

Step Four: Transfer Your Chalk Markings

Gently fold the overlap back into place.

Step Five: Admire Your Chalk Markings

Now, you have a clear mark of where to put the other part of each snap set.

Step Six: Sew On Your Snaps

Sew on the other part of each snap set, and you’re all finished!  Everything should line up really nicely =)

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