This tutorial will explain how to create bootcover toppers in a simple stripe style.  Enjoy!

Step One

Because we are working with stretchy fabric for these bootcover toppers, we just cut a rectangle of fabric that is approximately 4″ wide and as long as the top length of the bootcover opening (plus extra for a seam allowance).  Why 4″ wide?  We want the finished edge to be about 1″ wide.  In this tutorial, we will continue explaining how to make a 1″ stripe.

For other widths, just remember to work in fourths.  Bias tape works well for this, too.

Sew your rectangle of fabric into a continuous strip.  Pin it to your bootcover.  Sew both pieces together, leaving a seam allowance of 1″.

Step Two

Flip your strip of fabric up.

Step Three

Fold it over so that approximately 1″ of your strip is visible.  Use a sewing gage if necessary.

Step Four

Fold the inside edge of your strip over so that it lines up with your original stitch line.  Whether you are looking at the inside or outside of the bootcover topper, the stripe should measure about 1″ wide.  At this point, I recommend finishing the inside edge with some hand stitching.

Step Five (Optional)

Embellish it!  In this case, I added a heart decoration so that the covers look like Sailor ChibiChibi’s boots.  Of course, you can always leave them as a plain and simple stripe depending on your character design.

Step Six

Finished!  Hopefully these suggestions will get you on your way to making fabulous bootcover toppers =)  If you have any questions, feel free to email me!