Bias tape is a great, and time efficient, way to create borders on items like boot covers.  However, getting bias tape to lay neatly around corners can be a bit tricky.  Here are some tricks to make your bias tape borders look nice and crisp!  This is a great way to approach the upside down “V” shape featured on many Sailor Moon style boots!

You’ll want to start with a pair of non-stretch boot covers that have a an upside down “V” shape at the top.

Step One

Begin by cutting a length of bias tape that will fit around the area you will be bordering.  Remember to consider a small seam allowance (see below).  Because we are using this bias strip to create an inverted “V” shape as a bootcover top, we have cut a “house” shape at each end.

Step Two

Fold your bias tape in half, with the right sides together.  Sew along the cut edges, trim your seam allowance, and clip your corner.  Make sure you stitch around your corner twice to reinforce it.  Now, go get a chopstick.

Step Three

Turn your bias strip right side out and poke the corner with a chopstick.  Now, go iron it.

Step Four

Pin the bias strip over the top of your boot cover, making sure that it is centered.  At this point, you can either top stitch it to your cover, or hand sew it.  I recommend top stitching one side of the bias strip to the exterior of the boot cover and finishing the inside by hand.

Step Five

Finished! Hopefully these suggestions will get you on your way to making fabulous boot toppers.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me!