Step One: Wig Selection

We’ve started out with a wig that has soft curls and layers in it. Once we straighten it out, it’ll have a completely different look! Place the wig on a styrafoam block and secure it with t-pins. We like using a camera tripod for a base – it is fully adjustable and can rotate. Here is what you’ll need:

– wig
– wig block
– t-pins
– wig stand (we used a camera tripod)
– flat brush
– blow dryer
– attachment to concentrate dryer heat
– spray bottle with water
– clip and/or ties to section off hair

Step Two: Brush it Out

First, brush out the wig completely. This will soften curls and other styled areas quite a bit. We like to use a flat brush – be careful not to damage the underlying wig cap while brushing.

Step Three: Sections

Next, pull up all the wig hair, except for a few tracks near the bottom. You will be blow drying the wig straight in sections. We like to separate each section by the track lines (as pictured).

Step Four: Spray It

Then, using a spray bottle, spray some water on the first section to be straightened. We do this to keep the hair smooth as heat is applied to it, and also to keep the synthetic fibers from getting too hot.

Step Five: Spread it Out

With one hand, place the section of hair into the flat brush. Try to get it as spread out as possible. Turn on your blow dryer – make sure you have an attachment to concentrate the heat of the dryer.

Step Six: Add Some Heat

You will now move the brush and dryer (at the same time) down the length of hair. We put the heat setting on warm and airflow setting on high.

Step Seven: Repeat

As you can see, there is a big difference already! Once you have finished the first section, comb out another and repeat the above steps.

Step Eight: New Style

Once you straighten out the entire wig, you’ll have a totally new style! We left a little body in the bangs.

Step Nine: Finished wig!

Thanks for reading my tutorial! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Disclaimer: If you’ve never done this before, have some common sense and test this out on a wig you don’t mind possibly destroying. Test out a small section of hair before committing to straightening an entire wig. Don’t use a blow dryer near bath tubs full of water. Turn off the blow dryer when you’re finished. Duh.