Step One: Wig Selection

We’ve started with a teal, layered wig. Try to find wigs that are nice and full – you don’t want blank spots in between your ringlets.

Place the wig on a styrafoam block and secure it with t-pins. We like using a camera tripod for a base – it is fully adjustable and can rotate. Here is what you’ll need:

  • wig
  • wig block
  • t-pins
  • wig stand (we used a camera tripod)
  • sponge rollers
  • blow dryer
  • clip and/or ties to section off hair

Step Two: Sections

Next, pull up all the wig hair, except for a few tracks near the bottom. This is the first section you will be curling. We like to separate each section by the track lines (as pictured).

Step Three: Roll It Up

Roll a small section of hair onto one of the sponge rollers. Be careful to keep the rolled hair as neat as possible – the more time you put into rolling the hair nicely, the better your ringlets will look when you unroll them.

Step Four: Secure It

Each sponge roller has a latch. After you’ve rolled your hair section completely, secure the latch. If the roller doesn’t stay in place, you’ll need to re-roll the hair a bit tighter.

Step Five: Repeat

Continue rolling small sections of hair onto sponge rollers. As you go along, try to keep each section and roll as neat as possible.>

Step Six: Add Some Heat

Hold the blowdryer over each roller for about 60 seconds. We don’t recommend heating each roller for longer than 60 seconds. We put the heat setting on warm and airflow setting on high.

Note: If you apply too much heat, you will end up with “ratty” looking curls – lots of stray, kicky hairs.

Step Seven: Repeat

Don’t take out the curlers yet! Roll up the rest of the wig.

Note: If you take out the ringlets as you move up the wig, one of two things will happen.

  1. The heat of the blow dryer will relax the ringlets you’ve already taken out.
  2. The air flow of the blow dryer will agitate the ringlets you’ve already taken out and will make them look messy.

Step Eight: Unroll

Once you’ve rolled and heated the entire wig, go ahead and remove each roller. Try to be gentle as you do this and of course, make sure the curls have cooled down a bit before removing them.

Step Nine: Keep Unrolling

Instead of just pulling the roller out of the hair, try to gently “unwind” the roller. You’ll end up with nicer looking ringlets.

Step Ten: Ringlets

Now you have some lovely ringlets! As you can see, there is a huge difference in the way the wig hair looks! Undo the rest of the wig.

Step Eleven: Finished!

We did a little light teasing once we unrolled all of our ringlets, but you get the basic idea. Have fun and be creative!

Thanks for reading my tutorial! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Disclaimer: If you’ve never done this before, have some common sense and test this out on a wig you don’t mind possibly destroying. Test out a small section of hair before committing to curling an entire wig. Don’t use a blow dryer near bath tubs full of water. Turn off the blow dryer when you’re finished. Duh.